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Form fields are used to gather information on your forms and progress your cases. In Procify, a wide range of form fields is available, so you can choose the types of data you want to collect and the format in which you want to collect it.

In this article, we will discuss the details of the Short Text form field. This field is used in forms to allow users to enter brief text required to complete a task.

To begin creating your form, you first need to select the ‘Action’ and 'Manual' task type, and then head to Content, where you need to select ‘Form’. Once you have selected it, press the ‘Create’ button.

To add a ‘Short Text’ form field, all you have to do is click on the corresponding field on the left-hand side of the pop-up.


From the panel on the right, you can edit your form field to fit all your different needs.

Let’s take a look at the different editing options available for the Short Text form field:

  • Label → This is the part where you need to add a name to your form field. When you see the green checkmark, the label name is ready to go. If the box turns red, then there is another form field with the same name, and you need to give it another name.
  • Placeholder → You can include placeholder text in a field to provide guidance for the type of information that should be entered.
  • Help text → Add a help text to provide additional information or guidance to users in entering data correctly.
  • Required Field → By making the Short Text field a required entry, you can prevent the user from submitting the form if they have not inputted information there.
  • Input type → From this radio button, you can set the type of input you require for this field. You can either choose to accept simple text or an email address.
  • Character Limit → You can set the minimum and maximum amount of characters you will allow as input in this field type.
  • Show by parent → You can specify when a field will be visible in your forms, by selecting the parent field and defining the conditions that must be met for the new field to appear.

Tip:  You can add as many ‘Short Text’ fields as you desire in your forms, all with different modifications.

Once you are happy with your configuration, you can click ‘Save’ and go back to the workflow builder.

If you do not want to keep the changes, simply press the X button on the top left corner of the pop-up and choose to not save the changes you made. 

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