Set the Duration of your Tasks

Modified on Mon, 01 Apr 2024 at 05:20 PM

Some tasks within a workflow are more time-sensitive than others. This means that if certain tasks are not completed on time, it can lead to issues and delays in the overall execution and completion of the case.

To prevent delays in your processes, Procify provides the capability to set specific due dates for tasks that require them or to auto-close certain tasks if not completed within a specified time, using the Task Duration options.

Expected Task Duration

When you want to set a deadline for a task, navigate to the Expected Duration option. From there, you can specify the hours within which the task must be completed to avoid becoming overdue.

You can set different deadlines for each task, or choose not to set an expected duration if not needed. By default, when a task is first created, it does not have a deadline.

Tip:  After a task becomes overdue, the system automatically alerts the assignee, urging them to complete the task.

Auto-close Task

In certain cases, you may not want a task to hinder the progress of your entire case. For tasks that you deem acceptable to be skipped if not completed on time, you can set them to auto-close after a specified amount of time, allowing the workflow to move to the next tasks.

If the set time elapses and the task remains incomplete, the system will automatically close it and proceed to the following tasks.

Tip:  The auto-close functionality can be applied in tasks where you require specific information by a designated date for the process to continue. If the information is not provided by the specified date, the case will continue to the next tasks or automatically close, depending on how the workflow is built. 

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