Assign Users to Manual Tasks

Modified on Mon, 01 Apr 2024 at 05:03 PM

In a workflow, there are both manual and automatic tasks. For the workflow to be executable though, the manual tasks need to be assigned to the user or users who will be responsible for performing them.

Within Procify, task assignments can be done manually or dynamically, offering diverse ways to assign tasks based on the specific requirements for each task.

Fixed Assignee

When a specific task within your workflow will be consistently handled by a particular individual every time it is executed, you can assign that user to the task using the Fixed Assignee option. Simply select their department and team, and then choose them from the dropdown of users.

However, if a particular task cannot be completed by the usual person for some reason when the case begins, they can always reassign this task to another user.

Tip: If a task needs to be assigned to a group of people instead of a specific user, simply refrain from selecting a specific assignee in the respective dropdown. The task will be automatically assigned to the department or team you have selected. In this scenario, as the workflow runs, all relevant members will receive a notification about the new task, and it will remain unassigned until a user picks it up.

Automatic Assignee

If you prefer the system to automatically assign a user to a task and avoid manual assignments, you can choose the Automatic Assignee option. This allows you to select the group of users who will be performing the specific task, and let the system automatically handle the assignment to a specific user based on predefined rules.

Variable Assignee

In Procify, there is a third assignee option, the Variable Assignee. This option provides a completely dynamic approach to user assignment within a task. From the dropdown menu, you can choose to assign this specific task to the user who created the case their supervisor, the same user as the one assigned to a previous task, or this user's supervisor.

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